Modest Workwear Inspiration for 5 Workdays

It’s the weekend and before you know it… Monday is coming again. We’re kidding! Please do enjoy your weekend to the fullest and don’t let Monday creeps into your peaceful weekend. While you’re cozily lying in bed or maybe scrolling our journal to look for style inspiration at a cafe, we guarantee that you’ll be ready for Monday (and the rest of the week) after reading this!

OK ladies, first of all, good job for completing those 5 workdays! We understand it’s already hard to think about the work we gotta do during those 5 days, but to pick an outfit to wear? Another cause of headache! That’s why we decided to write this post, as our love letter to you. Look no further, here are the 5 outfits specifically picked for you to get through the 5 workdays. Scroll down!

Dress to Impress

If you’re bored with the usual dress type, we think a wrap dress or any dresses with knot details are great for workwear. They’re not boring, but not overwhelmingly full of surprises. You can still look polished in it.

Blazer in Disguise

Usually we consider blazer as outerwear. But what if for one day, we make blazer as a top? Button up the blazer and voila… looks like a new top! A small bag with bright color will add an element of playfulness, balancing the super serious C-level look that the blazer brings. 

Love the Olive

If you don’t know the power of green yet… what are you doing?! Even one of its shades is included in the Fall 2019 highlights! Do you feel like the professional world limit you in wearing certain colors? Don’t be! If you’re bored with brown, grey, navy, and black trousers, try olive-colored trousers. It’s calm, not *too* noticeable, but at the same time you’ll probably the only one at the office wearing olive color.

Prints Sprint

Try to mix 2 classic prints (stripes and polkadots) together. Create a nice balance by mixing the size of the patterns too.

We love colors and we don’t want to shy away from colors even for workwear. We assume a bright-colored blouse will (not only) brighten your and others’ day. Complete your look with a classic pair of shoes like loafers or Oxford shoes. 

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