Modest Style Inspirations for a Weekend Getaway to Bali

It’s always summer in Bali, making it a perfect world-class destination for a summer vacation. Even when it’s raining, the weather is still hot and can be very humid. It can be tricky to pack items to wear in Bali, especially for our customers who wear hijab. One of the most important things to remember is to always pack lightweight clothes with cool fabric such as linen, cotton, and rayon. Second, embrace and loose fit and avoid layering. Third, don’t wear black. Lastly, if you prefer wearing shoes than sandals, wear low-cut socks instead of ankle socks.

To save you some time, we’ve created 3 looks you can wear during your short getaway to Bali. We hope they’ll make you look chic and sweat-free! Happy holiday!


Summer is when you can experiment with bright colors and fun prints. A fun wide-leg trousers like this one screams summer vacation. The rattan bag is perfect to bring for a beach trip. Add a bright printed scarf for additional pleasant detail.


It’s best to spend your Saturday in Bali chilling. Trying out artisan coffee in Ubud, cafe hopping around Seminyak, and a hearty brunch in Canggu would be the examples of chill activities on a Saturday that are worth a try. The classic stripe prints is best when you’re not in the mood of thinking too much about what to wear. Heeled sandals are trendy enough for a chill Saturday.


Last day in Bali? Time sure flies when you’re having too much fun! For a more comfortable change between spending time in Bali and sitting on a plane, you’ll need a combo of an oversized shirtdress and wide-leg trousers. Both items are known for its comfort and practicality. Couldn’t ask for another combination!