Millennial’s Guide on Self-care

A couple years ago, the term self-care wasn’t used and celebrated as much as it is in 2019. With millennials and Gen Z leading the digital movement, the term has become hugely popular on social media. Thousands (possibly millions!) of photos on social media are either captioned self-care or briefly mention the term. Everybody seems to love the concept of it. We’re thankful that self-care has been normalized. Now, choosing ourselves over something or someone else is not selfish anymore. 

Now, we believe that self-care isn’t seasonal thing. You shouldn’t treat yourself a fancy gel pen only when you accomplish something. Self-care should be something essential in your life and before the year of 2019 ends, if you haven’t done much self-care to yourself, here are some things you can do from us at Yuna to make yourself happier and more content at the end of this year!

1. Plan a solo trip

A trip isn’t necessarily somewhere fancy or far. Have you explored the park near your neighborhood? Have you had a brunch at your favorite cafe ALONE? What matters is you’re planning to go somewhere alone with yourself and FOR yourself. Going solo to explore or simply experiencing your surroundings help you get more in-touch with yourself because your attention is undivided.

2. Buy cute stationery and start journaling

Not only buying cute stationery will make you smile instantly, if you proceed to journal, it can change your life for the better! Quoted from Huffington Post, Dr. James Pennebaker, author of Writing to Heal has seen improved immune function in participants of writing exercises.

When you journal, you’re dumping what’s in your head onto paper. That’s one of the healthy ways to keep your mental health in check. Caring for yourself means not keeping the negative thoughts stay in your head. So when you think that something has been bugging you, switch to “Dear diary…” mode ASAP!

P.S December is definitely the perfect time to buy a new journal/planner. Write down your 2020 goals and let it manifest in your actions!

3. Shop smarter and more efficiently (feat us!)

People think when something is done based on self-care means splurging. Nope, it’s quite the opposite really. Self-care means you take actions in understanding how to manage your budget so you can always have enough and won’t be troubled financially. Thus, self-care can also mean being sensible in your way of spending money.

For example, when you want to shop for clothes, instead of going out and spending money on gas, transportation, parking, and any other fees, you can buy your clothes online from our application in the comfort of your home. Also, talking about being sensible in spending money, you can arrange different items you want to be included in your box based on your needs and budget with our Matchbox! So if this month you only need clothes and no accessories, we get you! 

Psst, do you know that you always get more in value than what you pay everytime you order a Matchbox? Take our Basic Matchbox as an example. You only need to pay IDR599.000 in which you get 4 items with value IDR800.000! Self-care (and self-indulgent) at the same time!