Midi Mood : Why It’s The New Must-Have Skirt in Fashion

The midi skirt is a style staple that you must not miss from your wardrobe for all seasons. Not only does it ooze ultra-feminime vibes each time you strut, but midi skirt has that super chic appeal that leaves much to the imagination. This modern piece is always making a comeback, allowing you to channel your updated style. 

When it comes to choosing the right midi skirt, the key is knowing where it hits your height and body shape. The ideal midi skirt should either hit just below the knee or just below the widest part of your calf. For petite ladies, pick a shorter length to elongate your figure and you’ll be ready to go. 

You’d be pleased to know that midi skirts pair super well with many clothing pieces, footwear and accessories too. No matter what your preference is, a midi skirt accommodates well in all types of occasions. Without further ado, let’s look at how we style these three fabulous midi skirts for your inspiration:

90’s Babe

If you’re up for experimenting, then a printed midi skirt is just right up your alley. This vibrant mix of yellow stripes and floral patterns nicely wrapped your figure while you freely showcase your summer-ready bod with a sleeveless tee or simple white shirt. The interesting colors definitely win fashion points so try to minimize your accessories to balance it up. 

The Classicist

The right midi skirt does all the job for all occasions, be it formal, casual, work or hangouts! Our pick of one structured midi skirt in classic cream color is a total winner in the sense that you can wear it professionally with a white blouse or downplay it for a date night. With such a winning piece, it’s a worthy investment you don’t want to miss. 


We love breaking barrier by implementing quirky pieces in an unusual way. Try a lime green tee paired with a schoolgirl-style midi skirt in grey, but level it up with decorative kitsch that are both multifunctional and eye-catching. The result? You’d be sure to turn heads for good reasons wherever you go. 

Yuna babes, how do you like the styles we presented with midi skirts above? Be sure to make a note to your stylist when ordering your Matchbox to get the perfect midi!