Looking Chic at a Wedding Reception

Have you gone blank after receiving a wedding invitation? Not because the groom is your ex-boyfriend, but you’re thinking that you’ve got nothing to wear to the wedding! What could be worse than that, right?

It’s definitely easier when the wedding invitation states the dress code specifically. “Please wear modern kebaya with batik”, phew… that’s better than just “Dress code: modern”. What even is “modern”? Am I allowed to wear a blouse and a pair of jeans? That’s modern.

Thankfully, we’re here to help you decipher this together. Since you’re currently on our app, you might want to place an order after you read these tips. Tell our stylists about the upcoming wedding you’re going to be attending, let our stylists know which item from these tips that you want to be included in your box!

Warning: You won’t find a dress here. Yup, we decided to give you tips on how to look chic and presentable at a wedding reception, but not with a dress!

1. Earthy darlings

If you like earthy colors such as brown, beige, and nude, then this fit is for you. Blouse with pretty accents like ruffles will help to elevate the look. You can combine this flirty blouse with basic trousers (make sure it’s made of good material!). Keep your hair under control with pretty hair pins and voila… You’re done!

2. Girl with love

To celebrate love, what would be more fitting than a combination of red, pink, and white? Keep the look sweet and simple with the combination of pink top and white pencil skirt, but add a bang with red slingback shoes and red mini bag!

3. The happy-go-lucky

Not in the mood for trousers? Go with satin or crepe shorts! It takes some confidence and courage to pull off this look, but we’d say that this is still chic because you mix it with a formal blazer. Though you need to be careful in choosing what type of shorts to wear for this look. Make sure the material looks luxurious and put on a belt to enhance the shorts.

4. Versatile all-in-one

If thinking about what top or bottom to wear makes you dizzy, just wear a jumpsuit. See? Headache no more! You can combine the jumpsuit with a blazer or not, it’s up to you. The key to nail this look is to find the perfect jumpsuit. A jumpsuit with bright color is encouraged for a festive occasion like a wedding. For fabrics, either you go with chiffon, satin, or silk.

So, for the upcoming wedding, which items would you want to wear and ask our stylists to be included in your Yuna Matchbox?