It’s Important to Give Correct Details to Us, Here’s Why

We don’t want to sound like a broken tape, but to ensure you get what you want, we’ll keep reminding you about how it’s important to give us the correct details about your measurement and style. After all, we want to give you a seamless shopping and fashion experience which can only happen if we work together 🙂

Done setting up your account? It’s time to fill in our style profile quiz! These are the things that you need to prepare beforehand:

  • A measuring tape
  • Your best #OOTDs photos 
  • A Pinterest board filled with fashion inspirations

Now that you’re all set, here are some “benefits” that you’ll get if you give correct details to us:

1. You’ll get clothes that flatter your body type

Since you don’t meet our stylists in person, the only way for our stylists to determine which cutting looks good on you is through your answers. 

Tip: when answering “What is your body shape?” question, it’d be really helpful if you can stand before a mirror and see which body part is smaller and wider than other parts. For example, if your hip is wider than your shoulders, you have pear shape. Use a measuring tape to know the exact width and length of your body parts.

2. More fitting and personalized selections

Our style profile quiz is designed as a tool where you can express your personal style and preference. Feel free to give out as much information and details about you and your preference. Let this be the moment for us to get to know you better.

Tip: when answering our questions about style, take your time. Look through your photos and see what kind of outfits do you usually wear. See what did you pin on your Pinterest boards. Think about your models or celebrity crushes. Make this a moment to discover (or rediscover) your style journey (even yourself)!

3. We want you to receive what you like

The moment you put your trust in us by ordering a Yuna Matchbox, it’s our responsibility to style you. Though our return and exchange process is hassle-free, we’d rather not be the one who lets you down. To achieve a mutual success, you can certainly help by filling in your Style Profile details correctly.

Tip: when writing a note about yourself to our stylists, make sure to include a story about your daily activities. It will give us a visualization of your daily outfits. If you order a Yuna Matchbox for a special occasion, do let us know! You can also write the trends you’re currently liking, or items you want to add to your wardrobe.