It’s Getting Hotter! Here’s Workwear Outfits That Won’t Make You Sweat

It can’t be only us at Yuna who feel like the earth is getting hotter and hotter each day, right? A couple of weeks ago we checked the temperature on our phones and it showed around 35°C! Oh my…

Do we need to bid farewell to our fluffy cardigans or reliable outerwear? Well, not really. We did converse with our trusty stylist, Amira, about the possibility of layering in a tropical country such as ours, and it really is possible to layer. But if you sweat easily and can’t take more heat, we have 4 outfit choices for work that won’t make you sweat much!

Curious to see? Scroll through to find out!

  • Rely on shirtdresses

We somehow get this impression, that shirtdresses aren’t a popular choice for an office worker and we wonder why is that? We think shirtdresses are great! They will single-handedly make you look polished and professional during 9-to-5. No hassle but the one piece that will be the simplest to style, whether with loafers, mules, heels, or worn over pants for more variations.

Shirtdresses are mostly commonly made of fine cotton, so it absorbs sweat well and breathable. 

  • Short-sleeved shirts all the way

Long-sleeved shirts can make you sweat more, no matter what they’re made of, since they keep some parts of our hands covered. So, it’s better to wear short-sleeved shirts (if your workplace allows this) with your chosen pants or skirts. The Hawaiian printed shirts seem to be on trend these days, so why not try it? It may add more fun and flairs to your office hours!

Choose the shirts that are made of cotton, linen, seersucker, and rayon. Avoid wearing fitted shirts so the air inside the clothes can circulate better.

  • Have you heard of ‘Chambray’?

It’s actually not uncommon but you may not notice this cool and breathable fabric. If you love to wear jeans at work, you’ll love chambray! They look like denim material but lighter, more breathable, and guess what? It’s made of cotton! Yup. It does look like denim isn’t it? 

You’ll often find chambray being made into shirts. You can pair it with your favorite jeans pants or skirts to create double “denim” look but now it’s not hot up there thanks to chambray! 

  • Culotte to the rescue

Out of all pants, we choose culotte as our savior in battling heat. The texture is not rigid letting us move around freely, and certainly bigger circulation for the air, and also chic at the same time. Luckily, culottes are good with anything. Throw on a flowy blouse? Great. A plain white t-shirt? Normcore at its best. For maximum coolness (both figuratively and literally), pair it with printed short-sleeved shirt!