If You Could Only Wear One Outfit for the Rest of Your Life… What Would it Be?

About to order your first Yuna Matchbox but not sure what to get? Luckily you stumbled upon this article! In which, we asked our team members to assemble their very own reliable Yuna Matchbox with the theme of THAT one outfit that they would wear for the rest of their lives. Keep scrolling to see their picks! Who knows, it could be your next favorite things!

Everlasting Style

Our Inventory Coordinator, Aneesha Syavira decided to put together an outfit with monochrome colors as the base. 

Her items:

  1. White Shirt with V neck
  2. White Straight Leg Pants 
  3. White Heeled Sandals or White Sneakers 
  4. Black Crossbody bag 

Aneesha says… “If I could wear this outfit for the rest of my life, I would honestly be so happy. These items are very comfortable, simple and you can wear it in any weather in our country. I decided to choose monochrome colors for my outfit because they’re long-lasting!”

Neat and Versatile

Slightly similar with Aneesha, our Customer Care, Ghina Amania chose the same lineup. She picked items with earthy colors as the base to her look.

Her items:

  1. Earthy tone blouse
  2. Capri pants in neutral color
  3. Sling bag (any colors that will match the whole look)
  4. Flat shoes in neutral color

Ghina says… “I chose these items because when they form an outfit, they give off the neat and put-together outfit. It’s also very versatile. You can wear it to work, girls day out, or to a date! Even sometimes I wear this outfit to a special event such as wedding reception!”

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