How You Should Wear Your Loafers Now

We’ve been seeing more and more dad sneakers trend these days and honestly we miss the good ol’ days when people wear different types of shoes. We know that dad sneakers are on trend, edgy, and fun to wear. But, does anyone not miss the classic loafers? 

Well, since fashion trends are recycled, we think to ourselves… why not wear our beloved loafers again? But this time, this time we make them more fun. Some of you may think, “Pfft… what can we do to level up loafers? They’re boring anyway.” Sure your dad sneakers are trendy, but these versatile loafers are such a wardrobe staple, you’ll slip into them time and time again far beyond the season! Don’t come for us when you miss your loafers!

Keep reading to see more inspirations to wear loafers 🙂

We’re grateful for loafers, for it allows us to show off our bright socks collection.

Create a playful look with loafers by wearing cropped pants and sports brand name socks!

Let the socks casually peeking from below. An oversized beige outerwear is such a nice touch to the classic vibe that loafers have.

Not in the mood for colors? Go for monochromatic look with grey blazer, white shirt, denim pants, black loafers and black socks. You can wear this look to the classroom or at work.

Layering has never been this chic. The cropped and distressed denim pants add a bit of an edge to this preppy look.

Ah, the fishnet socks. There were times when fishnet was everywhere. Not gonna lie, we’re a bit sick of it, but once in a while, we can revive it and wear it together with the classic loafers.

Dressy dress with socks and loafers? They look good together!

Go for extra miles with your socks (literally!) to create casual vibe. Combine it with oversized shirt or shirtdress.