How to Roll Your Layered Sleeves (The Cardigan Roll)

You ever feel like you’ve owned one too many cardigans, but only with few similar ways to wear it? Over a blouse, buttoned or unbuttoned – and that’s about it.

What if we told you that it’s not your fault to not pass up on all those cute cardigans you may have so impulsively bought on your way to non-cardigan related business? And that, there’s actually another stylish way to style your old cardigan up that could totally be game-changing to your entire look.

We’re talking about this chic Layered Sleeves look you probably have seen many times ala London street-style during any fall seasons, but never quite sure how to recreate. Aptly named the Cardigan Roll, this delicious art of layered styling is simple, easy, but does all the tricks. Ready to master it? Let’s roll!

Step 1

This look is best worn with a long-sleeved blouse so layer it up with your favorite cardigan. Start by pushing the sleeves of your cardigan halfway up. Spread out the bunched material and evenly distribute to avoid bulky upper arm area.


Step 2

Using the similar way with the sleeves of your blouse, fold the inner sleeve to your desired length, which ideally should be just below your elbow.


Step 3

Remember our Italian Roll? Well, you basically have to fold the inner part of your sleeves partly over the outer sleeves cuff. Sort of like combining the two altogether and tuck em up so they fit like sisters in hands. Do the other side, and now you’re all done.


There you have it! The chic way to roll your cardigan and a blouse for an office-ready look or a cozy night out for a dinner or movies. Stay tuned for more #Yunatips ladies!