How To Roll Your Boyfriend Jeans (The Pin-roll)

Another day in #Yunatips today with us! After mastering the art of rolling your sleeves, it’s time to get on with another rolling lesson for your degree in fashion styling: Rolling your Boyfriend Jeans.

Now before we begin, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is boyfriend jeans, shall we? A must-have staple in any girl’s wardrobe, boyfriend jeans is the perfect fashion savior for when you’re not feeling the skinnies, having a bit of too many desserts, or simply ready to dress casually with a bit of stylish edge.

Typically, a lot of us prefer to wear the boyfriend jeans rolled up, not because that’s the rule- but more because that tapered effect at different length means versatility, confidence, and badassery all rolled into one. So, let’s get to the Pin-roll and get ready to be amazed by how easy this actually is :

Step 1

Wear your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans. They typically have loose fit particularly around your thighs down.


Step 2

Grab the inner seam and pinch it together, so that you’re basically tightening the bottom part of your jeans altogether. Try to do it neatly for the perfect end result.


Step 3

Now tighten the fold against your ankle and the fabric of your jeans should overlap. Remember, the neater the better! (but totally no pressure okay)


Step 4

Hold the fold up and begin rolling your hem upwards. It’s best to roll your jeans only about an inch or two.


Step 5

Give it another roll and you’re ready to go, literally! So that’s it, twice the cuff for the perfect roll. Avoid over-rolling for it may look bulky and more ankle you’re exposing, the more possibility that you’ll look stumpy.


Now that you’ve got the Pin-roll pinned down, all it takes is practice to make it perfect. Pair your stylishly cuffed boyfriend jeans with a pair of high heels or sneakers and let’s strut in style!