How to Pair Blazer with Shorts

We’ve been seeing this trend out and about for a while now and we kinda want to hop on this trend as well. It’s fun isn’t it? Pairing a staple item of formal vibe with an item that screams “Leisureeee!” is always fun to see. But do you know that this trend was once spotted in the ‘90s?

Out of all eras, ‘90s is indeed the closest one to us and the one that its trends often resurface. The combination of a blazer and shorts was seen in the movie Pretty Woman. The look became quite popular in the ‘90s (Maybe because it’s Julia Roberts?). In Pretty Woman, in one scene (After the makeover montage), Julia Roberts was seen wearing a color-coordinated Bermuda shorts with the blazer.

So, how are we gonna recreate it for modern times? Scroll to see more blazer and shorts inspirations!

If in the 90s Julia Roberts paired a blazer with Bermuda shorts, in 2019 rendition, we’ve seen a lot of girls pairing their blazers with bike shorts!

Pair it with a bandage top or a regular crop top. Add a statement jewelry piece and you’re good to go.

Come up with a color palette of your own. Lighter blazer, darker tone for the shorts, and neutral color for the top.

Show off a cool girl image with denim shorts, printed t-shirt and high top sneakers. Put on sunglasses and off you go conquer the world!

A fresh way to recreate this trend? Try this! Buttoned up your blazer and wear a statement belt (the bolder the better).

Keep it simple for the shorts and top and let the bright-colored blazer shines a bit more.

Knee-high boots seem to be the cool items to complete this look don’t you think?

Woke with 1000% confidence? Go with this look. Make your bralette as your top and complete the sexy look with tiny hand bag and casual sandals.

Bored with regular t-shirt and not comfortable enough with a crop top? Try a high-neck top!

What do you think about this trend? Are you going to try it or are you gonna let it pass through you? If you’d like to try this trend but have no idea where to start and what to buy, order a Yuna Matchbox! Let our stylist knows your preferences and you shall be ready to try this trend at any minute!