How to Feel Confident in Every Outfit You Pick

Whether we’re trying to pick a blouse in a store or putting on an outfit in the morning before we go out of the house, confidence doesn’t just come to some of us right away. Some people struggle with confidence and choosing an outfit can be really annoying. So what’s a girl to do? We’ve compiled some tips for you to start feeling confident in every outfit you pick. You heard it right, in every outfit. Read through to find out about the tips!

  • Everyday, find your favorite feature

Whenever you’re looking in the mirror, take a look at yourself, carefully. Observe your features and find the one that you like the most. There must be at least one feature of your exterior that you like. If you haven’t found it (or couldn’t find it), you can ask your closest friends and family about it. Once you found one or two features, find ways to flatter it even more. Research style inspirations and fashion tips about how to flatter specific feature of yours. By knowing a favorite feature, you’ll be more comfortable and confident with yourself.

  • Choose 3 colors and stick with it

Just like deciding on a favorite feature, it’s time to choose 3 colors that you either: 1. Like, 2. Are comfortable with, 3. Feel making you look good. After that, you can arrange your outfit by working around the colors that you’ve chosen. Say you like green, beige, and blue. You can either buy more green-ish clothes, blue accessories, or beige bags, or you can mix and match your top 3 colors.

  • Remember the good outfits you’ve worn

We all have experienced good hair days, right? Well, you too must have good outfit days when you feel like you look your best, when you feel like you’re a 10/10. Remember those days, remember the outfits and repeat those glory days as many times as you can. You don’t have to wear the exact same outfit, it could be one “glorious” top with another bottom.

  • Wear something that you like right off the bat

Ever felt like you have a connection with a trend or an item? Follow your heart and wear it. Don’t overthink it, when you see something that you think you’d like, go for it. The excited feeling is definitely giving your confidence a push.

  • Always prioritize what you think, not what others think

Last but definitely not the least is to always think about yourself first. Whenever you put on any outfit, always ask yourself “What do you think about this?” and don’t let your assumptions about what other people might say stop you from wearing it. If you feel content with it, there’s no need to feel hesitant about it.

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