How to Dress for Party Season (No Dress Involved!)

December is undoubtedly the most festive and busiest month. We’re looking at our Google Calendar right now and there are numerous parties and small gatherings we need to attend. It’s just celebrations after celebrations.

With many parties, one of the biggest questions in your head is probably “What am I gonna wear to a party?!” The festive dinners with your best friends, extended family, or old friends calls for a special outfit that goes beyond our day to day wardrobe. A fancy dress might pop up in your head when thinking about this month’s special events. But, what if you hate wearing dress? 

Worry not, with a bucket of confidence and a bit of creativity, you can still look dashing in parties without wearing a fancy dress. Scroll on, these pieces may save you from holiday’s fuss!


We always think that a jumpsuit is the equivalent of a dress since it answers both needs of top and bottom. Make sure you pick a jumpsuit made from satin to make it look suitable for special event. The silky stream of elegance from a satin jumpsuit is definitely a conversation starter!


Only dresses can be worn to parties is such an old-fashioned thing. Thankfully, the past few years have brought about some great styles (celebrities have been wearing suits to special occasions such as red carpet events, gala dinners, red carpet appearances). We’re now living in an era where a chic suit can replace any dresses at a special event! Wear your most sparkly heels to complete your power look!

Velvet Top

The rich texture of a velvet top shows off glamorous and luxurious vibe. No matter what bottom you decide to wear with your velvet top, it will make your look party-worthy. You can just go simple with accessories. A pair of hoop earrings and a pendant necklace would do. Let the velvet top shines and don’t make other elements such as bottom and accessories to compete with it.

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