How to Dress Cooler Like a Parisian Girl

Paris seems to be the standard of fashion and beauty. The women, especially, are known for their effortless but stylish personal style. Everyone seems to think that Parisian women are born with the poise, but we’ve cracked the code. You too, can be as effortlessly stylish as a Parisian girl (hint: beret isn’t on the list). We’ve found the not-so-secret formula to dress chic and cool the Parisian way. Read through!

1. Love your denim

Now, out of all staple pieces, what’s the one that screams coolness? Yup, it’s denim! Parisians love their denim—denim jacket, denim pants, denim skirts, and sometimes they love to wear double denim trend.

2. Wear mean shoes cooler

When it comes to fashion, Parisian women don’t care about gender. They love to break the rules that’s why they’re often seen with unisex blazer or classic men shoes such as brogues. 

3. Wear plain blazer for daily look

You don’t have to wait for office hours, special meetings or any formal events to wear blazer. Parisian women love to wear plain blazer while running errands, reading at the library, or a quick brunch session. 

4. Chance to wear print? Choose the classic one

As we know, Parisians don’t like wearing anything flashy. The same goes for their choice for prints. Out of all prints, the classic stripes is the most favorite one. Not all stripes get the love equally, Parisian women love the minimal classic navy-white stripes.

5. Say yes to shoes with low heels

Quoting from a Who What Wear’s article, Labériane Ponton, a stylist based in Paris says, “A French woman would never wear too-high heels!”. Prioritizing comfort and having “not trying so hard to impress” motto makes shoes with low heels staples in Parisian women’s wardrobes. 

6. Don’t accessorize too much, just wear neck silk scarf

Surprisingly, silk scarf never goes out of style. While other accessories and jewelry change based on trends, silk scarf stays. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Parisians love it. Wear the silk scarf when you wear plain shirt to give the shirts a bit of life.

7. Plain white shirt rules

Whenever you want to dress chic, always remember less is more. Parisian women love their plain white shirt because it’s simple, clean, but always look put-together. Their go-to pair when they wear plain white shirt? A good classic red lipstick!