How to Cuff Your Sleeve (The Italian Way)

Believe it or not, cuffing or rolling up your shirt sleeves is just as essential to your look like applying red lipstick. How so, you asked?

Well for a starter, the better your sleeves are rolled up, the more confident you’d feel during the whole time. Much like how a properly applied lipstick would do to boost your confidence.  Secondly, the art of cuffing shirt sleeves should have been easy ( again, like putting on your favorite red lipstick), but we’re pretty sure that we’re not the only one left with messy wrinkled sleeves half of the time.

The thing is, proper prepped-up sleeves look to need a little bit of a trick to get right. When done precisely, you can have that classic relaxed and natural feel with your shirt that immediately puts you right in the mood ( think Jennifer Aniston or any Hollywood A-list on their way to brunch).

So if you have a tutorial to how properly apply your red lipstick, here we are with our easy how-to cuff your shirt sleeves, the Italian way :

Step 1

Start with a crisp and neat shirt. Leave the cuff unrolled and unbuttoned as you put it on.


Step 2

Roll sleeve up to about two widths of the cuff. The easy way to do this is to pull the folded part upwards till the inner part of the cuff hits right above or below your elbow.


Step 3

Take the bottom folded part and roll it up again to reach the bottom of the cuff. By now, you will have folded the part of the sleeves for the lower arm, but make sure the cuff still sticks out.


Step 4

Tug the corner of your cuff so that it fits snuggly and comfortably. You want your look to be considered, but not overdone for that relaxed look.


Step 5

Style the rest of your upper sleeves by scrunching it and adjusting to your preferred length. We love to leave it above the elbow so that the fabric doesn’t get in the way and easily wrinkled.


Voila! There you have it, rolled-up sleeves that still looks preppy enough for a day in the office yet effortlessly chic for let’s say, a day of running errands. Ready to give it a go? Have a try and we promise, you’ll never roll your sleeves any other way, except the Italian way.