How to be the Best Fashion Fairygodmother for Your Loved Ones

Your best friend’s birthday is approaching and you’re nervous. You haven’t bought anything. You can’t look for birthday presents because you have deadlines to finish by the end of the week. Ah, what does she want this year? You don’t know what to buy. At this moment, you wish that somebody can do the job for you.

Little did you know, we have a feature that helps you solve the problem right away! No genie is involved in this, just a team of dedicated stylists who promise to do their best to help you!

What is it?

We assume if you’re reading this you already have our app (if you haven’t, simply download it from App Store or Google Play). Go to ‘Home’, click the quick tab ‘Get Matchbox’ and choose the type of Yuna Matchbox that you want to give to your loved ones. We recommend our Basic Matchbox for daily wear or Workwear Matchbox if your loved ones are the best #bossbabes who thrive in their career. After you choose, click the button ‘Gift’ and fill in the details. You can even write a personalized message that will be printed on a card! Once you’re done, click ‘Continue’. On this page, you are free to choose either you want your loved ones to receive all clothing, clothing with shoes, clothing with bag, or other options. 

What to do next?

After you place an order, don’t forget to fill in the style profile quiz sent to your email address. We trust you to know a lot about your loved ones’ personal style. Don’t forget to be as specific as you can to ensure that the Yuna Matchbox she gets will suit her perfectly. 

Now you just have to wait until your loved ones tell you that she receives the package! See, your problem is solved within minutes and you don’t even have to leave your seat. Let her know that she can write a feedback for our team.

Now that one mission is down, it’s time to explore our app to find out more exciting features such as reading articles about style on our ‘Journal’ section or try a personal styling session with our stylists by clicking ‘Style Corner’.