How Leo Moon Affects Your Style

After a chaos that happened in July 2019 because of mercury retrograde*, we’re finally under a new moon in Leo! 🦁 Hooray to that!

A new moon in Leo means we’re all going to be influenced by the feisty, fiery, creative, and confident Leo. It’s all about taking ownership and control in every aspect of your life after mercury retrograde turmoil. Leo moon is also the right time to acknowledge how awesome you are as a person (we’re talking about self-empowerment here).

A new beginning

During mercury retrograde, we were suggested to avoid taking risks or making big decisions, but in a new moon in Leo, we’re encouraged to start something with confidence. Be it a freelance project that you’ve been thinking to do, an online business you kept pushing aside, or simply changing your personal style, this is the time to finally go after it!

Regain confidence powerfully

Now is the time to see yourself as the unique, bold, and lovable spirit that you are. Don’t let self-doubt gets in you. If your sun or rising sign falls under Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, this new moon will be everything you could have asked for and more. But, other signs will also have significant improvement in energy this month.

Style under Leo moon

Leo is ruled by the sun, which casts light across the darkness and feeds the world with positivity. When a Leo is present in the room, the vibe in the room becomes vibrant as if somebody has invited the sun to walk through the door. No wonder the color gold, bronze, yellow, and orange are the three colors associated with Leo.

Since Leo is often identified as bold, this season, try to incorporate unique textures to your outfit. For example, you can combine a satin top with velvet skirt, or a satin top with leather jacket to create more dimensions to your overall look. Another way to look bold is to play with statement accessories. For earrings, apply the rule “Go big or go home”, make sure that the earrings are in gold to embody the spirit of Leo. For necklaces, apply the rule “The more the merrier”!

As always, you can always rely on our stylists if you want to try to include one or two items that are in-line with Leo moon vibe. Leave a note for our stylists, tell them which Leo element you want to add to your wardrobe and you shall receive!

*In astrology, Mercury rules communication, intelligence, and timing. When the speediest planet goes retrograde, these areas of our lives have the tendency to go haywire.