How Do Our Stylists Pick Stuff for You

Whether you’re a new customer or someone who has been with us for quite some time, we have been always on the same mission. We want to help women look and feel great through a seamless and empowering experience. Certainly, we want to reinvent the way you experience fashion and personal style by curating items that match your needs and likings.

To ensure the quality of every box that we bid goodbye from our office, we go through a certain process that we’re now about to share with you! Are you curious? Off we go!

1. We receive your style profile

Remember all those blanks and multiple choice questions you need to fill in before you put an order? Yes, we call that your style profile.

2. We analyze your style profile

Upon receiving your style profile, we then analyze it. We will carefully take notes and write down details about your preferences. That’s why it’s important to be as detailed as you can when answering the style profile quiz, so our stylists can pick stuff that match your needs and likings.

3. We wander around and visit your social media account

We promise, we don’t do anything other than doing our research about your daily wear and personal style. By letting us know your Instagram handle or other social media that you have, we get a more complete picture of what you would actually wear. Sometimes, we can also get a glimpse of your personality!

4. We start to look for the suitable items for you

After we feel like we have enough “context” about you, based on your lineup choice, we will then start choosing (and buying!) the items for you. Depends on our logistics, sometimes the items that you want are already in our office, but sometimes we need to order it from various brands. How to describe this… sometimes magic needs time to work too.

5. We pack the items and wish them well

Now that we have all the items needed for your box, we scan through them to make sure that the quality is up to our standard. After we double-check everything, we pack the items and hope that they’ll be your favorite new things.

If you receive our Yuna Matchbox and feel like it doesn’t suit you, don’t panic! You can read this article (4 Emergency To-Dos if the Matchbox Doesn’t Suit Your Likings) and try the tips before thinking about exchanging the Matchbox.