Hello Winter! Cool & Chill Styles

Planning on a winter wonderland holiday? Lucky you! Not only will you get to taste the cool breeze on your face, but we’ll also prep you up for the best style to keep you bundled up all nice, warm and fashionable. Ready to be chillin’ trendy and looking cool? Let’s roll! 🏂


Look #1: Layer Player

The no.1 rule to layering? Play with basics! This foolproof formula is displayed in our look right here. An everyday stripe shirt dress, a muted color pullover, white palazzo pants, and comfy thick shawl. Get pretty in a pair of pink boots and maybe top it off with a matching hat.


Look #2: RocknRolla

Now is the best time to bust out your leather jacket! Any long sleeve t-shirt will work great under your badass look, especially when you put a surprising plaid midi skirt and black full tights in the combination. Finish it off with a pair of low ankle boots in contrasting color which calls back nicely to your blue bottom.


Look #3: Power Puffer

Puffers are boring? Not when we style it! Pick one your size to warm up and let your colorful turtleneck makes a statement of its own. Keep it chic with a pair of black skinny jeans and matching ankle boots. We love the charm here because it adds the much needed decorative element to break the dark mood.


Look # 4: Venus in Furs

Say yes to faux fur, especially one in a classic color such as ours right here! The rest of this ensemble is pretty easy and relatable, from the long sleeve stripe shirt, washed out denim, and a pair of white sneakers. Keep your hands warm in your pants and let the bumbag hang with ease with all your essentials.

With four amazing styles above, we’re checking out to enjoy our own hot cocoa with marshmallow puff in front of our imaginary fireplace to warm up. But not before wishing you a very chic winter holiday and a happy new year. Happy holidays fashion peeps!