Halloween Costumes That are Actually Cool

Wearing scary costumes to every Halloween party is getting a bit boring, don’t you think? Then, if not scary costumes, most opt for sexy clothes, which we’re not against, but it’s a bit repetitive as well. After all, all the fun we’re gonna have in every Halloween party is summed up in pictures. So, we want to look good in this year’s Halloween photos (fo sho…). 

On the day that you have one chance to dress up like somebody else, choose (or be) the ones with strong characters! Be the one who’s unforgettable (but also dress good at the same time!). So, what are the choices? Here’s our picks for Halloween costumes that are really cool (at least that’s what we think).

1.Bo Peep

You heard us right! We love Bo Peep’s outfit in Toy Story 4. She transforms from a “damsel in distress” outfit to “damn i look fresh” (sorry for the bad pun!). Anyway, in Toy Story 4, Bo Peep shows how agile and cool she is. She learns how to survive on the street with herself. The true character development! Don’t think too much about the outfit, you can just wear the exact color combinations of Bo Peep’s outfit.

2. Mathilda

Ah, the classic Léon: The Professional. We fall in love with Mathilda. It’s Natalie Portman’s debut film and she stole the show! It’s about a professional hitman who reluctantly takes in 12-year-old Mathilda, after her family is murdered by corrupt Drug Enforcement Administration agent. It’s a strong character that we all can empathize. 

One of her iconic item is the black choker. Wear it with army green bomber jacket and a beret! Her other iconic look is the combination of cropped stripes t-shirt, denim shorts, bomber jacket, and black boots.

3. Cher Horowitz

Another character development that we love (aside from the badass Bo Peep) is Cher Horowitz from Clueless. Earlier in the movie, we see how vain the character is. But as the movie progresses, after 3954637 stylish outfit changes, Cher becomes wiser and a better human in general.

Celebrate her development with her iconic yellow suit looks! Make sure your suits are in plaids.

4. Jules

We all know Zendaya nails her role as Rue in the hit series Euphoria. But, have you seen Jules, though? Such a unique and vibrant character! In the movie, Jules is a woman searching for where she belongs in the new suburban landscape. She moved from the city after her parents’ divorce. She deals with several heavy issues, but we see that she’s doing her best. 

She is known for wearing bold, bright, and colorful outfits (also makeup). But mini skirts are her favorites. Don’t forget a bright-colored backpack!

5. Nadia

Nadia is the main character in Russian Doll, a series on Netflix. The series is quite underrated, but we love the story and her character. She’s a very unlikeable character, in fact, sometimes you want to push her off the stairs. The series revolves around Nadia and how she keeps dying and waking up on her 36th birthday. She keeps reliving the day and she’s eager to find out why she experiences that.

We think she’s the easiest to impersonate. Wears all black from head to toe or blazer with ruffled shirt and you’re good to go! Curl your hair to look more like her.

6. The Plastics

Yaaasss. Make room for the legendary and iconic The Plastics from Mean Girls, the backbones of ‘90s teen comedy movies. You can choose to dress up to be either the alpha mean girl, Regina George, or her clingy sidekick, Gretchen Wieners, or the naive blonde, Karen Smith.

Ready to be the coolest one in the party?