Glam Up or Dress Down? Here Comes A-Line Skirt

For fashion matchmakers like us, we’re big suckers for items that win on versatility front. This will explain our undying love and an eternal soft spot for none other than, an A-Line Skirt!

Now an A-line skirt is not exactly a new thing and has been our favorite since we can remember. From season to season, this figure-flattering skirt has always come up with different styles – from buttons, pleats, zips, and you-name-it. This just further proves that fashion trends are not willing to let go of A-line skirts just yet.

Before we show you the ultimate 2-ways with our chosen A-line skirt, here are a few things we need to declare on its versatility :

  1. It’s super flattering for pretty much every figure. It slims down yet offers curves in all the right places – especially the waist area!
  2. Comfort comes first with A-line skirts and who can say no to that?
  3. It’s literally an all-occasion bottom, from your office meeting to partying. All you need is just the right combination and you’re set to go.
  4. It’s also highly easy to pair. Wear it with sneakers or high heels? No problem. For summer get-up or sweater weather? Totally A-Okay.
  5. Last but not least, it’s super accessible with plenty of varieties ( colors, materials, patterns, and more).

Now that we’ve got our love confession out of the way, check out how we style this golden pleated A-line skirt for two contrasting styles:

Look #1: Dress it Down

All the classics in one pretty package! We got here a classic stripe tea, a pair of comfortable slip-on, and a few trusty accessories on the go: a leather sling bag and daily earrings. This look is made for you ladies who are on your feet all day, be it for school or work activities. The A-line skirt lends an otherwise interesting twist to your normal pair of jeans, and definitely much more comfortable than a pencil skirt. Off you go for a cool and chic OOTD!


Look #2: Dress it Up

For a semi-formal or proper occasion, a nice mid or long-sleeve always does the trick. Our choice of A-line skirt leans on a bold side, so we pick one that is neutral enough to tone it down. The same concept applies to our clean footwear and minimal accessories. Last but not least, a posh bag with understated hardware wraps this look nicely for your date night, job interview, or other professional events you may have on the agenda.

Have an itch for an A-line skirt? Simply head to Yuna Matchbox and tell us specifically that you’d want one in your package. We promise we’ll deliver not just any skirt but a winning A-line for sure!