Give Your Shoulder a Break: Waist Bag

One of our writers isn’t a fan of this trend. She thought the ‘90s and ‘80s street style were too obvious over the past couple of years. So it become predictable and boring. There was a time (Especially in 2018) when it looked like everyone wore it. That, until she felt a creeping soreness on her right shoulder. She wears a backpack everyday and while it’s true that backpack spreads the weight evenly on both shoulders, sooner or later we can’t escape the pain and soreness because we carry a lot of stuff (That may include a 15-inch laptop, just like our writer).

After feeling the soreness, she started to research more about bag shape. She went on a journey to try out different bag types and one of the bag types that she’d recommend is the waist bag. So, if you’re currently tired, bored, or simply want to switch things up, you may want to try the waist bag (Psst.. it was back on trend again and was seen on some runways). Scroll through for more inspirations!

Find a waist bag with a fun shape like this half-moon one to add a little flair to your outfit. 

Fun shape sure is fun. Though, she admitted that rectangle-shaped bag has more room to carry stuff. So, if you’re the type to carry a lot of stuff, opt for a rectangle-shaped one. Add more fun with a printed blouse or shirt.

Strap’s size and the bag’s material do make a difference. Take a look a this leather waist bag, it looks more polished, right? The flap style mimics a working bag, thus we think this type of bag can also be worn to the office together with your workwear outfit. Just be mindful with the necessities you need to bring.

A bigger waist bag with a lot of compartments is our writer’s favorite! When she travels, this bag is one of her her must-bring items. If you’re the type who brings a lot of items, this is the bag.

Who says you’ll look silly if you wear the waist bag with a dress? We understand that some people may think it doesn’t match since waist bag oozes street style and athleisure vibe, hence not compatible with feminine and neat dress. But, we found a way to debunk the myth. Find a dress made of either cotton or linen with A-line cutting for a casual vibe.

Ready to give your shoulder a break? We support you!