Get to Know Renaissance Trend This Fall

Fashion trends are mostly renewed concepts. It’s been around for a long time, but designers tweak it and give it twists here and there to adapt with the current situation. This fall, renaissance is one of the most highlighted trends and we’re intrigued! How can we not? It’s not the usual #90s throwback, it goes all the way back to 14th to 17th century!

Renaissance was a cultural movement that started in Florence, which later spread throughout Europe. Many considered Renaissance as the period of rebirth of politics, health, art, literature, and education. Furthermore, Renaissance promoted the rediscovery of classical philosophy, literature and art. A lot of important figures, artists, and thinkers were born and thrived during this period. Overall, the Renaissance was a time when people began to think for themselves and to attempt new artistic feats. No wonder everyone dressed up so fancy at this period!

It seems like a lot of designers decided to revisit the past (yeah, to the year of 1400-1700) this fall. You can see the influence of Renaissance in Burberry, Khaite, Simone Rocha, Roksanda, and Zimmermann’s collection. Even Prada created a puffy headband during Spring/Summer 2019! The designers just can’t stop and won’t stop exploring this trend. It doesn’t seem realistic to keep the puffy ball gowns, and ultra tight corset in the collection. After all, it’s not practical to be worn in 2019, so the attempt to infuse modern style is apparent. 

For example, Khaite took the element of puffy shoulders and combined it with a crisp white shirt, making it looks like a modern sleek look with a twistsomething that you can actually wear to any formal and important event. Burberry was also playing with sleeves, specifically bishop sleeves. They decided to create bishop sleeves for their coats which is refreshing because we rarely see coat’s sleeves being modified (only top or blouse)! 

It’s not hard to dress like a lady from the 1400. When you want to recreate Renaissance look, remember these 4 elements: puffy sleeves, ruffles, corset, pearl accessories and embellishments! They’re the easiest to find and the easiest to mix and match!

  • Puffy Sleeves

Don’t be shy to wear this statement item. If you’re worried it will make your arms look larger, no worries, there are many choices and the puffiness level (we’re not talking about bread here). 

  • Ruffless Details

Probably the most common item that you can easily get. You probably already have one item with ruffles on it. Check your wardrobe! If you don’t have them, tell us and we’ll be sure to include it in your Matchbox!

  • Pearl Accessories and Embellishments

Woo, we’re getting a bit fancy here. Items with embellishments on them are often seasonal, so another option is wearing items with embroidery on. The vibe is still similar! For pearl accessories, since they’re timeless, you’ll be able to find them easily (or request it to be included in your Matchbox!).

  • Corset

You can layer them under a denim jacket or a bomber to create a more modern and sporty look. Another way to wear it is to layer it on a shirt!