Fresh Ways to Wear Vest

We realize that vest is underrated. It’s not receiving the same amount of love and hype compared to other types of outerwear. That’s why this article is going to be an appreciation post for the reliable and stylish vest! If you don’t own a vest right now, we hope that this article can convince you to own them. It’s great!

So, why do we think vest is great? Well… first, the shape of it is quite different and unique compared to other outerwear. Second, it’s perfect if you want to layer some items but don’t want to feel the extra warmth that jacket or cardigan usually give. Third, it goes well with various styles! Not convinced yet? Scroll to see it for yourself!

Vest adds another layer of excitement to your casual basic outfit!

Wear your mini dress with a leather vest for a pleasant surprise! We think this outfit is easy to copy but still very stylish.

Still shy to wear animal print? Try to go out with a vest with animal prints on it. If you change your mind at some point, you can just take it off easily. Tip: keep your top, bottom, and accessories simple when you’re wearing animal print.

A long vest helps you create another dimension to your outfit. Perfect for a busy day! You can wear the vest with your go-to professional-looking dress during the day, and take off the vest during a formal dinner, or vice versa.

An oversized vest is great when you’re in the mood to hide a bloated belly.

Vest for chilly days? Try the puffy one!

Wear your vest as a top. Voila… Suddenly you have a new top!

No-buttons vest is a great choice when you’re in the mood for preppy look. Make sure to wear either Oxford shoes or loafers to complete the preppy vibe.

Got no time to think about what to wear to the office today? Wear a long and oversized vest as a dress! We think it’s great even if you don’t layer it with trousers, but if you’re more comfortable with trousers on, then it looks good as well. You’re good to go!

Another versatile look for a busy day! Steal this look if you have important events to attend in the afternoon and evening. Keep the colors neutral so it’s suitable for any type of events. You go, girl!

Want to add vest into your Matchbox? Sure you can! Write it down and our stylists will try their best to find the stylish vest for you.