Fashion Badassery : 3 Fresh Ways to Wear Your Leather Jacket

If there’s one fashion purchase you’re unlikely to regret, it would be a leather jacket. Sure, it sounds impractical and totally not weather-friendly when you’re living in a tropical country, but it’s time to expand your creativity a bit to see how versatile a leather jacket can be. 

Before we dive into our styling section with a leather jacket, be warned that we strongly recommend investing in a proper quality leather jacket. The right material and fit will go extremely long way, despite the dent in your bank account. So, anytime you’re ready to justify your totally-worthy spending, let’s check out these 3 fresh ways to wear your leather jacket :

All Black Style

For the fans of edgy cool style, a leather jacket is the perfect essential for you. Come join the rock ‘n rolla love affair that all starts with donning distressed denim, a comfy tee and matching accessories ( think ankle boots). The last touch is that trusty leather jacket that instantly puts a mad-cool rocker vibe with an authentic finish. 

Classy Missy

Leather jackets don’t work for the feminime ladies? Hold that thought. The contrast between flowy flirty dresses with the more masculine structured jacket is just the right ingredients to create the most flawless and balanced look you never knew you needed. Whatever length of your dress is, a coverup with leather jacket works superbly for a transition between sexy and just hella cool. 

Motorcycle Biker Style

Motorcycling and the leather jacket has become quite a fantastic pair just like shoes and socks. There’s a rebellious vibe that you’re projecting, even though you don’t necessarily travel by bike. To create this, you’ll be needing a few simple accessories such as a short scarf in popping colors, an easy tote bag, and travel-ready footwear. 

Now that we got your hooked on a leather jacket, do wait for more awesome Yuna fashion updates with great pieces for your better styling tips. In the meantime, don’t forget to score your own Matchbox for modern staple pieces to have!