Easy Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe Without Breaking a Bank

Some of us cut our hair when we go through certain changes, some decide to do a sudden spring cleaning over a period of time, some choose to change their personal style completely to freshen up the days. If you’re the latter and you’ve been thinking of revamping your wardrobe but don’t know where to start or how to do it, this article might be the one to guide you.

1. Sort Your Wardrobe

Maybe you’re bored.  Maybe you need a refresher.  Maybe you need to add meaning to your wardrobe. First, find out your ‘WHY’. Second, define the style you currently want. Lastly, be ruthless. Do not give room for clothes or accessories that either: 1) don’t fit you nicely, 2) never been worn more than twice, and 3) have defects. 

When trying to sort out your wardrobe, put everything on the floor including the ones that are hung. Set a 1-hour timer and sort out your wardrobe. Round 2, set a 30-minute timer and quickly go through your wardrobe. Finish it with round 3, set a 15-minute timer to finalize your decision. Giveaway your unwanted clothes to your siblings or other family members or simply donate it 🙂

2. Order a Matchbox

You may get rid of a good chunk of clothes and accessories, and your closet may look a bit empty. Now that you have the imagery of the style that you currently want to try, time to fill up your wardrobe with new items. “Oh, shoot. I have to shop a lot of stuff by myself now. Do I even have the time?” You can count on us!

If you have never tried any of our services, how about starting with our Matchbox? After you download our app and sign up, fill in our Style Profile Quiz. This is to help us understand more about you and your desired style. Please fill in everything, promise there’s nothing shady and it’s purely to help us buy items that match your likings. 

For starters, we recommend you our Basic Matchbox. With only IDR 599.000, you’ll get 4 items (You can choose the combinations of these 4 items!). One order usually takes 3-5 working days, so you can just sit back and relax. Your Matchbox will soon arrive! 

3. Swap Styles with a Friend

If you have a friend with the same body type and wears the same size, you can totally utilize that! Maybe she’s also looking for a fresh change? It’d be great if your friend has a different style than you, so you can experiment. 

4. Update Your Accessories

Another easy way to revamp your wardrobe is to update your accessories since you may not have the time to sort out your wardrobe yet. Try to find inexpensive, on-trend jewelry and shoes that can enhance your look without breaking the bank. It’s a small detail that matters.