Day-to-Night Ramadhan Look : 2 Styles You’ll Love

So little time, so much to do. The holy month of Ramadan is probably one of the busiest and most happening in our social lives. With Iftar invites and social reunions banging on our agenda, a girl can only wish for a one-for-all outfit for all occasions.

Well, stop wishing and start celebrating because we’re here with 2 day-to-night aka work-to-mingle-ready looks. Transition from the boss babe to social butterfly that you are by stealing these looks below :

Look #1 : Comfort At Its Best

Especially in times of fasting, choosing comfort over restricting outfits seems like the only logical decision. A loose-cut blouse is a great way to move with ease during the day while a pair of basic black pants spells professional at work. Combined these with a pair of pumps or heels, and you’ll have an appropriate work look in the instant.

To gear up for a more casual hang-out look, switch your footwear for comfy mules in neutral tones. For extra demure points, throw a shawl of scarf in matching color with your shoes as the way to go. Last but not least, add a pop of colours by carrying a bright-colored bag for some eye-catching details. Voila~ you’re now ready to mingle!

Look #2 : Bold Eclectic Beauty

We love dresses for work purpose, how else can you look so fierce and feminine at the same time? A midi dress in warm tone is our top pick for work all thanks to its subdued color and  ideal coverage down below. Put on your formal heels or pumps and you’re all ready to shine in the office.

Before you head to your get-together with friends, add in these few essentials to spice things up : a braided belt for an exotic touch, a drawstring tote to play it down and a pair of structural strap sandals with modern heels in contrasting color ( red, blue, or other bright shades). These items work together in subtle ways but could make a style impact you didn’t know you needed.

By experimenting with accessories and tweaking little details, you can always come up with more day-to-night looks effortlessly. This includes intensifying your makeup, wearing statement jewelry or losing your blazer or outerwear to reveal your toned arms.  Have fun recreating your work look to attend your evening social events!