Clothes Shopping Tips for Millennial Moms

Are you a (working) millennial mom? Give yourself a pat on the back. Hug yourself and tell yourself that you’re doing such a good job.

For a long time, the roles of mom remain the same. She’s the backbone of the household, the powerhouse of her children’s lives and her own great self. But what makes millennial moms different? They live in a fast-paced digital era. 

With so many things already in millennial moms’ hands, sometimes shopping for clothes or even dressing up become the least priority. To make things easier, we compile 3 foolproof clothes shopping tips for you, a hardworking millennial mom!

1. Shop clothes online 📱

We can only imagine how much time you have left after juggling with so many things in a day. Therefore, going out to conventional retail store won’t be practical for you. Imagine battling the traffic and going to the stores but end up finding nothing that you like, oh… the time you could’ve used to finish other tasks. 

It’s wise to shop clothes online for millennial moms. It’s done at your fingertips, so it’s easy and convenient. But then again you still need to choose the shops which will take more of your time. 

With Yuna Matchbox though, we’re different. All you need to is filling in our Style Profile Quiz, choose a Matchbox that suits your budget, and write a note to our stylists. We will do the homework for you based on your request. Rest assured, you’ll get new clothes and accessories soon after you place an order. Once it arrives at your door, try it on! If you don’t like it, you have one FREE exchange. Convenient, right?

2. Find promo, coupon, or referral code 👀

Who doesn’t love price reduction? We all do! Years ago, to enjoy a price reduction, there were many steps to be taken. First, gotta write your name. Then you write your email. Turns out you need to create an account so you set up an account. You wait for it to be verified. Then you need to follow the shop’s social media, yadda… yadda… 

Now, everyone’s trying to make shopping experience easier and more delightful. For example, with us, you only need to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news of our product, promo, sale items, and even style tips. Our Instagram is also a good source to find promo or any forms of price reduction. Be on the lookout! 

3. Realize the pros of having basic items 👗

Rather than trying to follow the current trends, you can decrease the decision fatigue while choosing clothes by including basic items in your shopping list. Basic items such as simple cutting dress, plain blouse, and basic trousers are easier to style. You can add accessories to dress it up, or pair it with casual accessories to dress it down. 

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