Christmas Gift Inspo for Your Girl Gang

Christmas is not here yet but we can already feel the festivity! Big shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes start to hang their Christmas decorations. Soon, we’ll be shopping for gifts and for some of us, buying gifts can be such a chore. Most of the time, not because we need to spend money but more like “What am I gonna buy? Are they gonna like my choice?” and other self-doubt questions.

Since Christmas is coming, we figure that some of us may be exposed by the tradition of “Secret Santa” game, in which we have to give a gift to a specific person secretly. Worry not, through this article we hope to help you in choosing gifts specifically for your girl gang!


In our opinion, knowing what lipstick color your friend likes or wants is harder than choosing which skincare is suitable. Makeup has a lot to do with personal preference while skincare is more about what she needs. Try to dig deeper about her skin worries or any piece of information which she mentions about skin improvement. Since skincare has a wider range of product to choose, you can start from something as common as body lotion!

Our Beloved Matchbox

Aligned with the purpose of gifting and also secrecy (LOL), we think our Matchbox is one of the best gifts to give to your beloved ones. You don’t have to get off from your bed to order, no wasted hours on the street just to get yourself to any shopping centers, basically… just convenience and maximum comfort. 

On our app, go to ‘Home’, click the quick tab ‘Get Matchbox’ and choose the type of Yuna Matchbox that you want to give to your loved ones. We recommend our Basic Matchbox for daily wear or Workwear Matchbox if your loved ones are the best #bossbabes who thrive in their career. However, if you’re on a budget, our Mini Matchbox is a great option.

After you choose the Matchbox, click the button ‘Gift’ and fill in the details. You can even write a personalized message that will be printed on a card! Once you’re done, click ‘Continue’. On this page, you are free to choose either you want your loved ones to receive all clothing, clothing with shoes, clothing with bag, or other options. 

After you place an order, don’t forget to fill in the style profile quiz sent to your email address. We trust you to know a lot about your loved ones’ personal style. Don’t forget to be as specific as you can to ensure that the Yuna Matchbox she gets will suit her perfectly. 

Now you just have to wait until your loved ones tell you that she receives the package! See, your problem is solved within minutes and you don’t even have to leave your seat. Let her know that she can write a feedback for our team.

If you don’t want to send the Matchbox to her address right away, you can just order it as usual (don’t choose ‘Gift’).


Hop on the trend! While reading a tangible book is quite the norm, some people are just not attentive readers. With audiobook, you can help your friend read more without feeling bored or sleepy. Audiobook is easy to purchase, it introduces new experience to your friend (that she might feel hesitant to try by herself), and it doesn’t require much space!

Scented Candles

As much as it has something to do with personal preference like makeup, we feel like scented candles are more accepted. Probably because its use is not entirely personal like makeup, for example… your friend can use the scented candle in their living room and not their bed room. So we think it’s a safe choice when you don’t know what to give. Go for softer and more subtle scents like musk, grass, or ylang-ylang and avoid specific scents such as sandalwood, citrus, or vanilla for a safer choice.

Journal & Stationeries

Christmas is so close to the end of the year that might as well give something related to resolutions and new page (literally) to your beloved ones! Help your friend get into the habit of journaling for more mindful days and healthier mental state. Gifting journal and its supplementary tools (cute stickers, a nice pen, etc) will help her get back on track to achieve her goals for next year!