Chinese New Year Outfit Inspirations (+Makeup!)

The festivity of Chinese New Year is intense this week! As we’re getting closer to the day and in preparation for a festive family dinner, we’ve rounded up 5 outfits that we think will make you look cute on the special day. Don’t worry, if you don’t have any CNY dinner plans this year, these outfits can be worn on any special days too! Not only that, we also pair each outfit with lovely makeup that’s simple enough to copy 🙂 Scroll through!

Look 1

Of course, we gotta start with the most common element in every CNY parties, which is the color red. A straight line red dress is perfect with some gold jewelries are perfect and literally foolproof. To make it more interesting, opt for wear white sneakers!

For makeup: keep it simple so it’s not overbearing. Red itself is bold and a statement. A nude lipstick with glitter eyeshadows are enough to accompany this outfit!

Look 2

Still in the theme of red, instead of dress, let’s try suit for this year’s dinner. It’s possible that you’ll steal some spotlights during dinner if you wear a feisty red suit. If red suit is too much, try to find suit in maroon, burgundy, or even terracotta. To complement the outfit, wear minimalist jewelries.

For makeup: don’t use too many products. Focus on your eyebrows and lipstick and that’s it. Also, we think gradient lips look great on you! If you have time, a cute nail art is worth a try.

Look 3

We can’t get enough of satin slip dress and what occasion can be more appropriate than a festive dinner? If you’re not confident, it’s still okay to wear a blouse or t-shirt underneath the dress. Another tip if you’re not comfortable with showing too much skin is to bring a blazer.

For makeup: orange-ish or peachy makeup is an excellent choice! Keep it soft and ditch your eyeliner for once.

Look 4

Black dress, oh black dress, how versatile you are! We can fully rely on black dress in every situation because you can never go wrong with it. Find a black dress with unique details such as puffy sleeves, bows, or ruffles to add more flair.

For makeup: since the dress color is very VERY safe, you can be more experimental with the makeup. Go with shiny and thick layer of burgundy lipstick with glitter eyeshadow! Add simple but cute manicure to top it off.

Look 5

Last-minute CNY dinner invitation with your closest friends? No worries, as long as you have a crisp white shirt and shiny pleated skirt (or any fancy-looking short or midi skirt), you’re good to go!

For makeup: though the outfit is pretty simple, somehow we believe the simplicity in both outfit and makeup will create a pretty powerful impact. Slick back hair with dewy makeup make you look polished and ready for any formal events.