Bags to Request to Our Stylist If You’re Tired with Square Sling Bags

When we look in to our closet, we start to spot various items that may not spark joy to us anymore. Maybe a buttoned dress is no longer your go-to dress, a pair of oxford shoes may look dull to you, or your square sling bags are not reliable eye candies anymore. 

What you’re feeling is normal and change is bound to happen anyway. This time, we’d like to give you bag inspirations if you want to replace your square sling bags. Lately though, we’ve been spying on some offline stores and they mostly still have square sling bags so it may be the perfect time to request these bags to our stylists!

Tote Bag with Structure

Perfect for daily wear and match with your casual look. Bring it when you’re shopping for groceries as well!


A statement piece when you go shopping or going to a gym. It fits everything, you name it.

Canvas Fanny Pack

If you’re going to a concert or traveling, this bag will make your life easier. Say no to overpack and pickpocket.

Jute Bag

Craving for vitamin sea? Don’t forget to bring this bag. Surprisingly, it holds up many stuff pretty well. Perfect for a picnic or beach day.

Bucket Bag

This bag was popular in 2016, but it’s coming back to claim its popularity this year. 

Leather Wrist Bag

Sometimes you just don’t want to squeeze your entire room into a bag, sometimes a girl just wants to go to a nearby coffee shop and chill. This bag will keep you company for those lazy days.

Half-moon Pouch

We at Yuna+Co. believe that a girl should have at least one fun-shaped bag and our choice goes to this half-moon pouch!

Cylinder Coffer Bag

In terms of capacity, a coffer bag doesn’t offer you much. But, it certainly is one-of-a-kind!

Shopper Bag

Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more people wear this bag. Maybe because it can carry a lot of things, or simply because the shape is interesting!

Are you inspired yet to look out for a new bag yet? *eyes emoji* No need to wander too far, you can chat our stylists and let them help you find “The One”!