A Chronicle of Seasons : 4 Looks To Try

Seasons may change, winter to spring, but our love for fashion will go on forever. 

Dressing by the weather does not necessarily mean you have to let go of your fashion sense. On the contrary, we believe that there’s “ no bad weather, only bad clothing”!. The key here is comfort and movement, but it doesn’t hurt to inject some dose of style too while you are at it. So here you go, a compilation of four looks based on the season :

Breezy Fall

There’s only one rule to remember when it comes to fall in fashion : outerwear. Fall is all about medium layering and putting your best clothes forward, after you’ve kept them in the closet all summer. Another fall signature look is the romantically bold colors. Think burgundy, emerald green, warm brown, mustard or gray. Play with your fall color palettes and don’t forget to rock the oversized trend, just like we did here with our combo!

Winter Desire

Winter fashion is about survival. Stay warm by mastering your art of layers, starting from quality baselayer, a basic top, a warm sweatshirt, before topping off with one last outerwear built for cold weather. Sounds tedious? Not at all! Dressing up for winter can be super fun, especially if you know how to work your colors and accessories. Brighten up winter looks with monochromatic pieces, from dark to light, to immediately stand out.

Spring Thing

After the harsh cold weather, spring means renewal, including for your style! Revitalize your look with fresh colors, ranging from something light-colored or pastels to neutrals. The layering game is still very much on so hang tight to lightweight cardigan or thin materials for your outerwear. To keep things exciting, go with patterns and stylish accessories such as thin scarf for finishing touches. 


Ah! Ain’t summertime grand? It’s made for falling in love and high energy is all around. Channel your summer loving with some girly attitude, but make it bold. We’re talking about bright hues, clashing patterns, and color-blocking goodness. And before you leave the house, make sure you include a summer must-have, your sunnies. 

So babes, how did we do on these seasons OOTDs? Steal these styles now and let our stylists know which one you’re eyeing. Let them help you incorporate these looks into whatever weather you’re expecting too!