5 Style Advice You Need to Hear

Are you dressing up for yourself? Did you pick clothes and accessories based on your likings? Good for ya! We like that you’re in charge of your own style as it’s supposed to be. But sometimes, it’s good to hear some style advice from other people. Not only you can learn new tricks, but it could be helpful for you someday.

Out of plenty style advice out there, we cherry-picked what we thought are the easiest to do but impactful! What are they?

1. Always Create Balance

You won’t believe how much you’ll look more put-together when you create a good balance with your outfit. Wearing oversized or wide-cutting clothes top and bottom may be super comfy, but it can also make you look sloppy. Play around with the combination of oversized/wide-cutting/bulky item with neat-cutting/fitted item.

2. Choose the Right Bra

Yup, the correct bra will make you look slimmer and your pose looks better. It’s the correct size when there’s no wrinkling or gapping in the cups, and the bra is not hiking up or creating bulges. It’s better to always consult with the shopkeeper everytime you want to buy a bra. They’re always ready to help.

3. Count on the Basics

It’s important to make sure that you’ve got the very basic lineup in your wardrobe. The items that you can easily mix and match and can be worn at different occasions. Ready for the list? A classic white shirt (buttoned down or blouse), neutral-colored dress, chic shoes like loafers or Oxford shoes, A-line skirts, a good quality dark-colored jeans, and a neutral-colored straight-cut trousers, a structured neutral-colored bag and a blazer.

4. Keep in Mind: Accessorize to Flatter Your Feature

When it comes to choosing accessories, think of your feature. Don’t only buy it because it’s on trends or the shape is cute. Think of your face shape, your neckline, your chest, and your fingers. For example, if you have a round face, it’s best to choose a long but dainty earrings.

5. Always Add an Element of Surprise

Going full monochrome? Pick a mustard sling bag. On an earthy brown-ish getup? Wear a pair of red sandals. 

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