5 Outerwears To Fall In Love With

When it comes to pieces you need to look extra chic, on-point and put together, outerwear is key. From everyday blazer, leather jacket to long cardigan, there is a good range of different outerwear styles you can choose to rack up serious style values. You don’t always have to associate outerwear to the weather too, the right material and cut can work indoor or outdoor in all kinds of weather. 

Now that we’ve got our outerwear pep talk out of the way, let’s go straight to these 5 outstanding specimens that will make you fall hard for : 

1. Oversized Blazer

2019 is the year for everything oversized! Models, designers and street-styler pros have been donning the oversized outerwear trend, from blazers to powersuits. Naturally, this is going in our list because the neat and structured silhouette of an oversized blazer just gets more and more irresistible by the day. 

The best thing about an oversized blazer is the fact that it’s statement and bold enough as a stand-alone item. Pair it up with a simple tee underneath and your favorite pants, voila! A chic OOTD is effortlessly born. 

2. Cape Blazer

While it may look intimidating or foreign, a cape blazer is actually one of the easiest to try. Cape blazers are highly casual and can be worn with pretty much everything. It offers a touch of elegance and style to an otherwise plain outfit. The key with cape blazer is really easy : your attitude! Treat it like any normal black or white blazer, then blast off to trendy-land and be the center of attention in an instant. 

3. Cropped Blazer

For those of you still looking to find the balance between an outerwear to your everyday style, we recommend a cropped blazer as your new essential. Not as heavy as a long jacket and easy to incorporate, try going with a denim cropped blazer for a more casual look or something in feminine or preppy patterns. Pair it up with a long culotte to get that extra polished look. 

4. Draped Blazer

Flowy, romantic and stylish, a draped blazer is going to quickly become your most trusted outerwear in all kinds of occasions. Also called as the waterfall blazer, the unique yet fabulous feature in the front area is a great addition while showing off your figure. Opt with a snug and comfortable fit to make it an outerwear with great values. 

5. Longline Blazer

Minimal effort with maximum result? You must be talking about longline blazers. This dynamic outerwear is truly versatile as you can pair it with evening dress, turtlenecks, tshirt, jeans, or any two-piece OOTD with ease. For beginners, try going with more neutral or basic colors such as black or cream. But, we also recommend styling it up in fun patterns such as plaid or tweed for an edgy touch. 

Not sure which outerwear to go with first? Ask our stylist and chat her up on the best piece to start your collection!