5 Fashion Mistakes We All Make

Here at Yuna, we’re not immune from fashion mistakes. Sometimes we regret our outfit choice at the end of the day or complaint about how the sunglasses we wear doesn’t actually fit for our face shape. Oh well… Making mistakes is a part of learning and getting better at something. So, don’t be afraid of making mistakes! What matters is how we learn from it.

Before 2019 passes (can you believe it’s already November?!), let’s take a look at these common fashion mistakes that happen at least once in everyone’s lives. We hope you’ll leave these habits/mistakes in 2019!

1. Choosing wrong socks

We can hear your thoughts, “Who gives a fork about socks?”. Well, we can assure you that they matter to your overall look. Imagine that you are rocking your best outfit, and then… BAM! the socks… distract every good thing. You may want to start putting more thought into choosing the suitable socks for every shoes and occasion. For example, the no-show socks is best paired with loafers, moccasins, and canvas slip-ons, especially if you want to look neat and important event-ready. Normal socks will make your look more sporty and casual. Ankle socks are better for running sneakers or sneakers in general. 

While we’re at it, think about the color of the socks and how it will complement the color of your top or bottom and the shoes itself. Wear dark socks when wearing dark-colored shoes and light socks when wearing light-colored or bright shoes in case the socks peeked through.

2. Wearing uncomfortable shoes

Admit it, we all have that moment when we’re blinded by how gorgeous a pair of shoes look, and then we try it. Something doesn’t feel right, a bit tight here and there, too high for you, and so on. But in your head, you can already imagine how it will make certain outfits from your wardrobe look even better. So you buy the shoes and wear it feeling uncomfortable most of the time.

Leave this habit behind! It’s really not worth the precious time you have in a day. Say if you need to attend a wedding and you decide to wear the shoes, you’ll miss out so many good things. You can’t roam freely to say hi because your feet hurt. You can’t have more fun because standing alone makes you fidgety. You don’t want to end up walking funny because the shoes cause you pain. Choosing incorrect size or plain uncomfortable shoes will also affect your health 🙁 

3. Not caring about proportion/silhouette

Oversized everything seems so comfy, eh? But it can also cause your body to look like it’s been engulfed by the clothes. You’re hiding so much potential by wearing oversized top and bottom. Wearing oversized from top to bottom can also make you look lazy and droopy.

Instead, always try to balance things out. When you wear fitted pants, you can wear oversized top and vice versa. We also suggest to not wear more than 3 times larger size from your normal size. So if you’re an M size, don’t go overboard with XXXL.

4. Stuffing too many items in the bag

Guilty as charged! We love to be prepared for anything, sure. That’s why it’s important to recheck the type of bag that can accommodate our needs. Each bag type has its own capacity. Stuffing too many items in a bag will not only ruin the bag shape, but will also affect your shoulder.

If you’re the type to bring an entire house with you (LOL, JK!), shopper bag or backpack is the best choice for you. But still, don’t stuff everything in there. If your backpack looks puffy, it’s time to re-evaluate the items you’re putting into the bag. Tote bags and sling bag are perfect for those who want to still bring enough stuff. Lastly, handbag or waist bag are for those who are more practical and hate to bring many items.

5. Not tailoring items

We notice that not many people consider a tailor as their best friend. Our question is WHY? It’s a great feeling to have your clothes tailored perfectly to your body shape! Like, for example… For certain type of pants, longer hem is better to be tailored or cut and not rolled. Loose blazer is sometimes cool, but for formal setting, fitted blazer is better. 

So, when in doubt, find a trusted tailor and befriend her/him. You shall never wear ill-fitting clothes ever!