5 Essentials Every #BossBabe Needs

Whether you’re just getting promoted or you’re already a #BossBabe for a while, there are 5 essential items that need to be in your closet. It’s important to dress like a woman in charge as a #BossBabe and the way you dress should represent all the great qualities in you. 

As a #BossBabe, you need to decide on many things and it may get overwhelming sometimes. So we hope with this article, there’s one less thing to think about every morning!

1. A crisp shirt, but make it interesting

A staple in every #BossBabe wardrobe is a crisp and neat shirt with the best cutting for your body type. A lot of fashion advice for a girlboss suggests a boring white shirt as an essential, but here in Yuna+Co. we believe by adding a tiny surprise will make your day even better! So try to find a shirt or blouse with a dash of lace,

2. A set of preppy blazer and trousers

Whenever there’s an important meeting, a public appearance, or a conference, nothing will beat the combo of a good tailored blazer and a pair of trousers. A good tailored blazer will give you an instant “lift” and you won’t look underdressed when you put on a blazer. If a set of all black blazer and trousers bore you, it’s still appropriate in the professional world to wear printed blazers and trousers. Classic prints such as thin stripes, checked, or tiny polkadots are still safe.

3. A pair of black heels, but not pumps

A pair of black pumps never fails to mean business. It’s direct, polished, and sleek. But wearing pumps daily is boring and sometimes your feet want a break. That’s why we choose a pair of slingback shoes as an alternative to pumps. It gives your feet more rooms so they’re not suffocated but it still covers your toes, hence it’s business-approved!

4. A work dress with simple clean cut

Every girl needs her dress once in a while and every fashion article has been pushing a little black dress as one of the essentials for a #BossBabe. We beg to disagree, though. We believe that any dresses made of good material with a clean silhouette deserves to be in every girlboss’ closet, regardless of the color. A good quality work dress will come in handy when you have a series of important meetings during the day and an important event at night.

5. A handbag, but with structure 

A #BossBabe look won’t be complete without a proper handbag. We know there are days when you prefer to wear a big tote bag or shopper bag to carry your necessities, but a handbag with structure is what you can’t miss. A handbag with good, rigid, and angular structure looks neat and will go with any outfits. It will give you that professional finish to your look. It doesn’t need to be black though, we think navy blue, brown, or maroon will look nice as well!

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