4 Emergency To-Dos if Your Matchbox Doesn’t Match Your Likings

Your Yuna Matchbox has finally arrived at your door. You grab your smartphone and you’re ready to seize the unboxing moment. Then, you open it. Wait… you see the trousers that we picked for you, you scan through the polkadots blouse we chose for you, and then you realize that you don’t expect the set to have a polkadots blouse and a pair of wide-leg trousers.

You see, even the power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z had experienced a hiccup in their relationship. Just like your journey with us. Sometimes the box we send out to you may not suit your style at the moment. But, we’re glad to tell you that this issue is fixable! Don’t ask for return and exchange just yet, because these 4 to-dos may solve our hiccup!

Take time to discover the looks with your existing wardrobe.

1. Try it on!

You won’t know how it looks on you if you don’t try it on. A black trousers in a box looks like an ordinary black trousers, but maybe when you try it on you see it accentuates your long legs? An A-line skirt in a box looks like a weirdly shaped trapezium but once you put it on, it has the power to give you more shapes and curves. After you try them on, don’t forget to take notes on which one you do like and which one is ‘meh’ for your future style reference!

2. Look for inspirations

Try browsing through social media such as Instagram or Pinterest to find out ways to mix and match an item. You may not like what’s inside the box because it hasn’t registered in your head how to mix and match the items.

3. Spend more time with the items

Now we’re going to ask you to play Marie Kondo for a bit. Hold the item, look at it, and think, “Can I see myself wearing this item in the future?” if the answer is no, then touch the fabric, “Does this fabric makes me feel comfortable?” if the answer is no, take a good look at the item and ask yourself one last time, “Will I regret it if I return this?” and if the answer is still no, then you should try our last tip!

4. Ask for feedback from your loved ones

This is the last emergency to-do before returning the box. Put the items on and ask around! Find your ‘fashionista’ best friend who knows a lot about your personal style, or any of your family members who will be objective in giving feedback. We’re sure they’d be more than willing to help you decide.

Still not feeling it? It’s okay. You’re entitled to one-time free exchange! Make sure you write in detail about why you don’t think the box matches your likings so the next time you order, it’ll fit like a glove!