4 Characters from K-Drama with Great Style

Fashionable characters in a K-Drama are just inevitable. Even though the character is portrayed to be a broke college student, juggling different part-time jobs, she somehow can always look chic and fashionable in every scene. What’s great about these stylish characters are most of them play with casual wardrobe. So it’s relatable and worth to copy!

We’re going to be honest with you, it’s so hard to pick only 4 stylish characters. Before this list, we had 20 characters that we want to include (LOL). No worries, you may see them in future articles. But for now, we’ve rounded up 4 characters, who are not only fashionable but also great and strong female protagonists! 

  • Bae Ta Mi (Search: WWW)

For all amazing career women out there, if you’re looking for a new style inspiration, take a look at Bae Ta Mi’s style. A #bossbabe herself, Bae Ta Mi dresses like she means business. But business for her isn’t always grey, white, or black, sometimes it’s electric blue blouse with light yellow blazer, or pink coat with beige shirt. She proves that being in a high position in the office doesn’t mean she can’t be playful with colors. We truly need to praise her sensibility in pairing colors!

  • Song Ma Rin (Tomorrow With You)

Her character as struggling photographer who keeps wishing to have a breakthrough in the industry doesn’t make Song Ma Rin ignores her personal style. In every episode, she shows up with a casual but chic outfit. We think her relatable choice of outfits are great for you if you work in a creative industry or for university students looking for outfit ideas to classes.

  • Jang Man Wol (Hotel del Luna)

Oh God, where do we begin with this strong yet hilarious character? First, we wrote a whole article about her that you can read here! Second, we just love how IU plays the cheeky but mighty Jang Man Wol, a CEO of a not-so-ordinary hotel in Seoul. Since she has lived for 1000 years, her fashion style is a mix of everything! But what we do know for sure is that more is more for Jang Man Wol. Printed and bright-colored blouses are the go-tos for her. For accessories, she layers necklace and always has impeccable taste in hair accessories. 

  • Sung Deok Seon (Reply 1988)

Sung Deok Seon is truly one of our favorite characters of all time! Played by Hyeri (Girl’s Day), Sung Deok Seon is a normal teenage girl living in the year of 1988 who’s about to experience first love and its complexity. The drama itself is a must-watch if you’re a ‘90s baby (you’ll laugh because the story and the scenes are all oh-so-relatable!). Denim pants, tucked-in sweatshirts, and varsity jackets are the stars of the show (exclude Deok Seon’s iconic haircut).

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