31 Days of OOTD Ideas : October Edition

Can you believe that it’s October already? Neither can we. But aside from the speedy marvel of this concept called time, we just want to celebrate the awesome October month in our own special way. Of course, it has to be fashion-related in the most amazing way : OOTD planning! We tried this once back in July and let’s just say, everyone loved it so much we’re back for more. 

Without further ado, let’s get inspired with our 31 picks of October OOTDs, made just for you :

1- 10 : For the Love of Layering

Expect a lot of layering techniques in the first chapter of your personal October fashion fest! We love to play with simple tops and comfortable bottoms ( jeans, high waisted pants, flowy skirts) and layering them with fluffy cardigan, sweater, and blazer. Our color palette still ranges from a little pop of bright, bold and soft with a touch of earthy tones. As for footwear, we’re going with feminime pointy looks with the occasional flats and mules. All in all, it’s going to be a strong start of October like you wouldn’t imagine before. 

11-20 : Fashion Go-Getter. 

There’s something about the mid month that makes you want to really be in the productive zone. For that reason, we’re focusing on smart preppy looks where blazers and long sleeves dominate our days. We still play it down though during weekends with loose and relaxed clothing. We also didn’t forget to keep it interesting and playful with a dash of refreshing weekend look and the trendy athleisure getups. From bags, sunnies, hats, and shoes, they’re spot on and completely match. To conclude, we got a feeling you will more than approve our picks!

21-31 : Finish It Strong

The fall season tends to do something to our mixed mood. As a result, we present here a combo of fashion galore in various styles. We got the demure pleats, rebellious leather jacket, busy prints and also some fine casual looks suitable for your laidback occasions- all served with the right accessories too. We have to say, this interesting mix doesn’t mean we’re losing our touch. On the contrary, this is proof that we’re finishing October strong and steady with a platter of everything in between to keep you going. 

There you have it! A 31 day of fashion diary designed for a memorable October. Eyeing a look that you can’t wait to try out? We sure are too ( Psst, we’re loving Day 2, 15, 21 and everything really!)

Don’t forget, if you find a favorite look, you can always rely on our stylists to magic up something for your next Matchbox. Till next time, keep it stylish always Yuna babes!