31 Days of OOTD Ideas : July Edition

Who says that outfit planning is only reserved for special occasions or a near-future event in the agenda? Here at Yuna, we understand that even the best of you can get lost in the mundane activities of our daily life. So much that we thought, what could be better than to compile a full 31-day of outfit inspirations that work as your go-to this July? With these fashion files, your everyday fashion fix gets easier than ever. And if you already are scrolling excitedly for what’s the lineup for tomorrow, we don’t blame you!

See our OOTDs aka outfit inspirations for the month of July, freshly prepared for you!

Fashion Chameleon in The Making

This month, channel your inner fashion nerd by trying out different styles every day. These looks may vary from bold, subdued, casual and smart- but they all share one unanimous idea: Work it! Everything handpicked here oozes wearable trend that is effortlessly chic yet relatively easy. By the end of the July, you may very well have mastered a degree in being the most daring fashion chameleon – all thanks to these 31 OOTDs here.

Accessories Parade

Like the icing on a cake, we’re loving the use of accessories to brighten and sweeten up your daily looks. Simple necessities such as earrings, sunnies, caps, shoes, and bags are peppered all through these inspirations because seriously, everything is more interesting with accessories.

No Ordinary For The Wicked

While each inspiration is designed with comfort and wearability in mind, you’ll be likely to find a unique, quirky and almost eccentric style in our everyday file. This is a small challenge to step up your game this July, marking it as a month where you gear toward a bold and fashion-forward you. Trust us when we say, playing dress-up gets addictive. It’s time to spice it up, girls!