31 Days of OOTD Ideas : December Edition

Hello December! We know for a fact that a lot of you babes are happy to meet the jolliest month of all, as well as seeing our complication of 31 looks put together here! As you must agree, ‘tis a busy season and what better way than to plan ahead and stay on top of your fashion game? So, let’s make it a December to remember and dive in our three parts of 10 OOTDs each :

1-10 : Hello Delicious Colors!

You know what’s better than a fruit punch at a party? Colors punch! It is when you add a pop of color into your look and it instantly makes your whole style that much more interesting. It can be a pair of multicolor sandals, a neon pink tote bag, a bright stripe tee, to soothing-shade accessories.Think of it as setting your own festive mood as you walk steadily into December with a feisty spirit. 

11-20 : Meet Me Halfway

Entering the mid December, it’s time to gear up into a more mature mood that shifts from the previous cheerful tone. But, it doesn’t mean you’re not having fun or that your style has to turn somber. We just feel that by embracing more earthy and earthy tones such as green, warm orange, oatmeal beige and the likes, you’d settle more into the romantic vibes of December. Playing with mid-length dresses or getting wrapped up in long sleeves certainly does the trick too!

21-30 : Be Merry, Be Happy

End 2019 with a bang by dressing up to the nines anytime you have the chance! We’re not leaving home without the best of our blings aka jewelry and accessories. Same goes with the fanciest of our bags and the most head-turning heels in the wardrobe. Remember to prioritize comfort as you get stylish, so we recommend fun party dresses or glam jumpsuits with a mix of two pieces such as jeans and cute tops here and there. 

So there you have it! A December fashion diary to live by from Yuna & Co. See any number you like? Be sure to tell your stylist about it so she can prepare just the right kind of items for you. Until then, have a happy holiday and we wish you all the blessings in your way!