3 Stylish Dresses to Impress

Some things are made for the gray area, but our love affair with dresses is extremely loud and clear. A good dress can be the staple piece you need for different occasions, making you comfortable and confident as you go. 

It seems that our love for dresses is a universal thing. There are countless types of dress to choose from, different length, cut, design and the list goes on! But for now, we have locked down three stylish dresses that are not just great for essential pieces in your wardrobe, but have that everlasting effect as well. 

Whether you’re wearing them as a standalone piece or mixing it up, here are our picks below :

Swing Shirt Dress

The idea is simple enough, a dress with collar and buttons in the style of a shirt, except it’s a dress. Shirt dress is a brilliant choice that can be worn in formal to casual occasions. While shirt dresses are typically loose and straight, our choice here is a fitted cut with a belted accent and flare bottom. The attached belt accentuates your waist area, while the stripes-meet-V-lines pattern keep it at timeless balance. 

Timeless Elegant Dress

A quality slip dress can be the most versatile to work with. Whether you’re wearing it as is, pairing it with an outer, or layering it with a shirt underneath, you can be sure that it never disappoints. We recommend getting one in classic black and another one in deliciously sexy shade such as this dark soft pink with an elegant vibe. 

Floral Printed Dress

A floral dress is all about being sassy, girly yet demure at the same time. Our pick lands with this strappy soft-colored floral printed dress. It’s the perfect summer dress to wear for hangouts or date night. To balance this little piece, try wearing stacked-heel sandals and pair it with an eye-catching bag. Voila! You’re ready to have effortless fun anytime. 

Ready to find the next dress to love? Get your matchbox today and ask our stylists to include one for you. Be specific with your details or let them surprise you. Either one, we’re sure you’ll approve.