3 Basic Pieces Every Young Professional Must Have

Whether you work at a formal work environment such as financial service or either you’re a young entrepreneur of your own, you still gotta look presentable. First impression matters, so you need to be ready to look like you mean business. You never know who you’ll meet during the day, right?

If you want to look more put-together and mature, there are 3 basic pieces that you can stock up! With these pieces, you can start building your own “business casual” or “smart casual” look! What are those items? 

1. Simple & High Quality Buttoned Down Shirts

You can’t go wrong with a buttoned down shirt. They’re seasonless, easy to dress up or dress down, and they provide you with comfort and freedom to move around. We suggest you to have about 3 to 5 pieces of neutral or earthy colors buttoned down (with collars or no collars). If you have 3 to 5 simple buttoned down shirts, it’s safe to add more buttoned down shirts with flairs (such as ruffles, prints, or deconstructed cutting).

2. Fitted Blazer

A blazer will refine your look. Think of it as a lifesaver. When you’ve got plain and super simple shirt, with the right blazer, you won’t look underdressed. To start, a simple fitted black blazer will do the job. It can literally be paired with anything and any colors! Try to find a blazer that fits you nicely and not oversized. Once you have a fitted black blazer, you can add more varieties such as plaid blazers, earthy-colored blazers, and oversized blazers.

3. Meeting-ready Dress

Dress is obviously a must-have in the professional world. It’s simple, efficient, and practical. It can already make your dressing time in the morning much easier. You don’t have to think about pants or skirt! For starters, you can always count on a midi black dress. To complete the look, pair it with pumps or the classic loafers or oxford shoes. We suggest you to shop for 2-3 black dress with different cutting from straight to A-line bottom. Already have them? Good, now you can add more interesting dresses to your wardrobe!

Need help in building your workwear wardrobe? You can always count on our Workwear Matchbox! When ordering, don’t forget to let our stylists know about your work environment. It’ll definitely help us to find you the most suitable items. Happy shopping!