2 Double-Denim Looks You Need To Try

Denim- on- Denim is sort of like a love-hate relationship for a lot of us girls. When done right, you can look absolutely badass, but sometimes, you probably can’t help but feel like a cowgirl in a wrong Wild Wild West movie. 

The thing is, a full denim look can be intimidating despite the simple concept. Perhaps it reminds us of the painful 90’s era when it was once so inescapably big, trended by celebrities from Jean Claude Van Damme to the infamous Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears double denim sin back in the day.

BUT, don’t call a fashion matchmaker if we can’t put this difficult look to test and find a nice balance that free double-denim of all intimidation. Check out these two looks that will make you think twice the denim, double the good :

1. Nerd-It-Out Denim Girl

While not as popular as the jeans pants, a denim skirt is actually a highly versatile item that could soften the all-denim blow by miles. With a correct length that shows enough skin, a denim skirt draws attention to your leg area and gives you the chance to showcase your brilliant footwear. 

Layering also plays an important deal to make your double denim with skirt works. Instead of wearing your button-down as a top, style it ala outer with a preppy blouse beneath. We recommend going with some patterns to create a casual break in the middle, giving you confidence as you go. 

2. Say Yes to Andro-jeans-ny 

When you have recovered from our (rather bad) jeans pun, you’ll agree that our boyish 90’s look here more than meets the eye. While both the jacket and pants are in the same weight or wash, a pop of color in the sleeves and shirt tone down the double denim look considerably. 

Go with a pair of sneakers to add in the chic factor and put your accessories at home, because you don’t want to add too much busy elements with this look. 

Are you a fan of Denim-on-Denim? What other way would you style it to make it work? Be sure to give the jeanius OOTDs above a try!