10 Useful Tricks for Writing Notes to Your Stylist

Just like every relationship, communication is the key! From writing note for your Stylist to sharing feedback, everything you communicate contributes to sending you a Matchbox full of stylish surprises that you’ll be sure to love. So get ready to tell us everything about you—we’ll be sure to listen.

1. Talk to Your Stylist

Our stylists are great listeners, although you’re not literally talking to her, just write down everything you have in your mind. Let your Stylist know about your life, your loves, your insecurities, even your favorite colours—“I just broke up with my boyfriend.” or “I just had my first-born child and I’m breastfeeding.” Whatever it is, your Stylist wants to know it all.

2. There’s No Such Thing as “Too Much Information”

“Shades of orange don’t look great on me” or “I don’t like to show off my knees” are useful details! Notes like these help your Stylist select personalized pieces for you, so don’t be afraid of sharing details about yourself.

In your note for Stylist, make sure you cover all of these questions:

  • What do you like and dislike?
  • How do the selections meet your expectations?
  • Do the items stay true to your original style? Do they not?
  • What can you criticize or improve on the stylist selections?

However, if you prefer something kind of simple and straightforward, jump right in! Here’s an example:

“Dear Yuna Stylist, you always send pretty blouses but they never have a collar. I think it would be better for me to wear a plaid shirt and lightweight sweater, instead. However, I love the blouses. They’re so fetch! xoxo.”

3. Get Social

Your Stylist’s favorite source of inspiration is you! If you entered your Instagram handle (username) in your Style Profile, she will definitely visit your profile in Instagram to learn more about you and your lifestyle. Just make sure that it is not set to “Private,” so our stylist can stalk you better (for good, tho!)

4. Use the Outfit Boards

We encourage you to use the Yuna app as it could be a great source of inspiration for your Stylist. Get outfit recommendations from Yuna or create your own with items you found in our brand partners’ page.

Include the name of your outfit board when you’re writing your note for your Stylist. Remember that your outfit board only serves as an inspiration for your Stylist, the pieces she pick may not be the exact piece you have in the board—but instead she’ll try to match the overall look.

5. Embrace the Surprise

Our clients’ favorite thing about Matchbox by Yuna+Co.? That most of our clients trust us to send them pieces that are a bit out of their comfort zone. Our Stylists take pride in finding you pieces you’ll love, so try to be open to items you didn’t request or refer to. And don’t peek before your Matchbox arrives!

6. Try It All On

An item may look unflattering while it is still in the box, but the second you put it on, it could be your new favourite thing. Even if you don’t like it immediately, try it on; it’s the only way you’ll be able to give honest feedback (or fall in love with it). Besides, that’s also the way to determine which type, size, or colour that matches you (or not) for future purchases.

Remember, we allow “try-on” just like when you’re trying out clothes in a store’s fitting room and if you don’t like it, you can always exchange it as long as the tags are still intact and the item undamaged.

7. Be Specific on Your Feedback

Now, it’s time to give feedback. Kindly note that this type of note is only if you have ordered a Matchbox more than once. Yes, the Stylist will still select items from your personal preferences (style profile quiz, outfit boards, etc.), but you can completely overturn them with this note.

For example, you can tell why the Stylist selections didn’t fit you or why you loved them (colour, print, cut, etc). Something like this:

“The skirt you picked for me runs a little short on me, I’d like to replace it with something that would cover my knees when I sit.”

If, say, you want to try a new trend or need something for a vacation, do tell!

“I loved the faux black leather jacket you picked me last month. But this month, I’d like to try something different. Something that is a bit edgier and would show a different persona for my look. In fact, I’m heading for a quick hiking session with my all-girl clique, any idea for what I should be wearing top-wise? Thanks! :)”

8. Keep Your Style Profile Updated

As your personal style evolves, so should your Style Profile. Whether you’re losing any weight or going on a pregnancy, do share! This way, you and your Stylist are always in sync.

Make sure to fill in the note at the end of your Style Profile—it’s the first place we turn to learn about you. At the moment, you can update your Style Profile by sending email to [email protected] and mention what you’d like to update about your style and yourself.

9. Dare for the Extremes

For information that requires extreme detailing such as bust, waist, and hip measurements, do spare time to get a tape measure and a pencil. If you’re still unsure about the measurement results, write it anyway. Our stylist will find items with the completely correct size, or, well, just about a little away from completely correct.

10. Take Your Time

On top of everything, the whole process of writing notes for your stylist should be of no rush or hassle. We don’t want you to feel bothered or annoyed with the demand of such huge amount of your personal information.

As we care about you a lot, we want you to invest your time wisely when it comes to getting the best outfits that you have always dreamed of.