1 White Shirt, 3 (Not so Usual) Ways

Name a more versatile item than a classic white button-down shirt, we’ll wait. 

More than just being a highly flexible essential piece, a white shirt never fails to give you that ultra chic, super sophisticated, extra polished and all-around cool vibe too. This is why we always recommend investing in a fine quality plain white shirt, cause it’s truly a foolproof option for almost any occasion!

Just before you think we’re bluffing, we’re going to drop 3 new styling tips down below. Mind you, this is not your usual styling options, but the ones that are on-trend and going to make you crave a good piece of white shirt even more. Let’s get it girls!

1. Prep Poet Society

For the layering lovers, basic clothing is your best friend and that’s why a white shirt goes high in your list of must-have items. It works with all types of outer from blazers, jackets, cardigans and the list goes on.

This particular look that we aptly named as “Prep Poet Society” is especially chic and current, thanks to our pick of neutral tones that never go out of date. Pairing it with other 2019 trends aka plaid pants and sneakers, the popped-out collar look is practically calling you to carpe diem. So steal this look and seize the day ladies!

2. White on White

There’s no such thing as too much white, and our “white on white” look proves it right. The best thing about this look is the two-piece combo that means more styling options with other pieces you have in the wardrobe. So trust us when we say, you really cannot own too much white.

To balance this look, we recommend keeping it simple but interesting with a fiery red lipstick. A minimal hairdo keeps thing on check so you can strut in confidence.

3. Power of Youth

We know, white can sometimes be too boring because it is such a safe color. But give the right person a white shirt and she will do superbly refreshing things to it.

We present “ Power of Youth”, a true representation of youth styling in its most satisfying glory. Pumped-up sneakers, check. Baggy pants, check. Eccentric accessories, check. This style allows you room to move, but more importantly, the outlet to express your true taste that is different from the rest.

So there you have it! Our not so usual 3 ways to style a white classic shirt for today. Whenever you’re stuck for inspirations, just check back on Yuna for unique, creative and fashionable ideas on the daily.