1 Polkadot Top, 3 Ways

If there’s one everlasting pattern trend that you can count on, it’s gotta be the polkadots.

From the era of classic bombshells (think Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn) to Selena Gomez, any girl can look pretty in polka dots, regardless of the colours or styles. There’s something so refreshing, simple yet flattering in polkadots that will make it last for many years to come.

To celebrate for our love for polkadots, we’re back with these multi-styling tips in one versatile polkadot top below :


Look #1 – Freaks and Geeks.

There are two things that we learn when we put up our 1st look aptly titled Freaks and Geeks.

One, it’s that polkadot doesn’t always fall in the feminine category. With the right ensemble, even the non-girly girl can easily rock a polkadot top with her usual attire without having to look out of place.

Second, polkadots can easily be paired with another pattern without having to end up like a disaster. Case in point, our version of polkadot-meets-plaid works fabulously because our polkadots pick is subtle, neutral and easy to work with the bolder plaids, minus the clash.


Look #2 – 50’s New Look

A tribute for the classic polkadot pattern, the monochromatic look #2 is about the understated elegance that old Hollywood embodied.

We’re taking this sexy yet demure A-line skirt for a spin with the polkadot top, and styled it minimally to let each item speaks for itself, from that dainty earrings, stylish sunnies, glamorous clutch and that attention-stealing pair of heels.

Comfy and chic, just put on your boldest red lipstick and you’re ready to dazzle.


Look #3 – Scout Out

Inspired by Indonesian Pramuka scout, look number 3 aka Scout Out takes us back to the scouting days under the sun – rocking that little scarf and chocolate skirts.

A chic version that involves polkadots, this look prioritizes comfort with a pair of sneakers and mini skirt that are perfect for hangout. A pop of red perfectly decorates this outfit without taking away the main focus which is our favorite polkadot top.

Last but not least, put on your tote bag and sunnies. You’re now ready to get on with your fashion adventure!