1 Black Boots, 3 Stylish Ways

Ever walk into a fashion store and fall in love at first sight with an item?

One of the biggest fashion woes in life is deciding whether you should get that to-die-for dress, that super chic bag or yet another pair of black shoes.

Well, if you ever find yourself in such situation, we at Yuna have one easy tip for you:

“Think Versatility!”

Versatility in fashion means looking at the same item and finding several ways to style it. For example, this pair ‘Anson’ Cotton Ink lace-up ankle boots that Yuna totally recommends!

Check out how Yuna styles the best 3 ways to rock this minimalist-meets-military-inspired boots:

#1. Friday Business Lunch

The weekend may be upon us, but never fail to show up for a business lunch like you mean it!

Throw on your favorite pair of a classic blouse in subdued color ( blue, white, grey or other neutrals) and rock some tight jeans that will show your figure. We love how Anson boots give you a tough & confident look, instead of sexy vibes that heels tend to give out.

Last but not least, get your trusty black tote to store all your important files or laptop. It’s going to be a productive session to kickstart your weekend right.

Perfect for: Round & Triangle body type

#2. “I’m not like most girls” Date

Steal his attention by showing up in your chic dress and a pair of sleek ‘Anson” ankle boots.

And the best part about this fierce pair? The superb comfort that will last you all through the night! With a low heel and pointy silhouette, ‘Anson’ offers you just the right balance of ease and feminine in one complete package.

Keep your accessories to the minimum because with boots like these, they’re statement enough!

Perfect for: Square, Inverted Triangle & Hourglass body type

#3. Cool Casual Hang Out

A day out with your squad gets way more interesting with a pair of ‘Anson’ ankle boots.

Whatever casual look you have in mind, the right boots can easily tune it up a notch effortlessly. It could be just a simple stripe blouse with your power shorts, or a t-shirt and a short jeans skirt – boots can easily kick it up a notch and make your #OOTDs look extra stylish.

Don’t take our words for it, try it out and we promise this Yuna’s pick will put a fresh spin on your style.

Perfect for: Hourglass & Inverted Triangle body type

So, there you have it! Whenever you’re in doubt, just remember that Yuna always prioritizes versatility and your purchase will be more than worthy.

Good luck girls!